Welcome to Bearcreekbernedoodles.com

Welcome to Bearcreekbernedoodles.com Welcome to Bearcreekbernedoodles.com

We have  spots left on our waitlist for our next Standard & Mini Litters. Contact us for more information

About Us



Meet Mulligan!  The Bernedoodle that captured our hearts 9 years ago.  My family had their hearts set on a Bernese Mountain Dog, but within a few minutes of playing with the puppy my son broke out in serious hives.  Because we needed an allergy free dog we started searching the doodle world.  That is how we were blessed with this big, fluffy, gentle-giant, that is also hypoallergenic.  We knew within the first few years of having him in our lives that we would someday love to share this breed with others.  Now that our 5 children are older we are able to pursue that dream. My husband has been teaching at the local High School for 26 years while I have been able to stay home with our children.  With our youngest now in school full time, I'm excited to start this new page in our lives!!  Bearcreek Bernedoodles is located in Rockford, Michigan on 5 wooded acres.  The Bernedoodle puppies are socialized with our children, and they receive much love from the moment they are born. 


A Furever Friend

  Bernedoodles are fun, athletic, entertaining, loyal, laid back, VERY SMART dogs. Standard Bernedoodles will weigh between 65-75lbs.  Mini's will weigh between 30-45lbs. These typically non-shedding​ dogs come in a vast array of colors and sizes!  But, no matter what size or what color, they are adorable! 

Happy, Healthy Bloodline

 All of our dogs here at Bearcreek are our pets who we love dearly. They all are AKC registered and come from long healthy lines of breeding dogs. They live with us in our home and are treated with much love and care.  We strive to keep our dogs and puppies happy and healthy and give them only the best!